UiiSii China Headphones Manufacturers OEM/ODM

  • Product Design
  • ID design
  • Product function definition
  • Product function development
  • Product Structure Design
  • Component selection and finalization

  • Cable Conduction Test
To test if short /open circuit of the cables 。
Testing Machine:Cable Comprehesive Machine

  • Assembly of the drivers

To match the drivers before assembling
Testing Machine:6151 Electroacoustic Tester

  • Welding Spot Inspection

The welding spot of mic and drivers need to check carefully,to avoid tack weld,dry weld,continuous tin electrodeposit.
Testing Machine:High Magnified Glass (FD-100B)

  • Functional Test
To test the db curve and mic function,and the cable conduction
Testing Machine:6151 Electroacoustic Tester

  • Frequence Response Curve Test
To test the sound balance of L side and R side,distortion,and oppsite polarity
Testing Machine:6151 Electroacoustic Tester

  • Appreance Inspection
Inspect the appreance and size
Testing Method:Ruler,Samples

  • Accessory Management
Numble Management
Testing Method:Mark Card

  • Function and Appreance Test before package

Testing the consistency of the sound and function
Testing Machine:Mic Function Testing Machine

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