UiiSii DT800 Hi-Res Four Drivers Headphones Wholesale
Description: Uiisii DT800 uses a 4 Driver system, with eight-unit coil iron earphone. Use graphene composite speaker, high-pitch clear, bass thick and powerful.Dual acting coil horn is responsible for medium and low-frequency sound production, double moving iron horn is responsible for medium and high-frequency sound production, the combination of acting...
$66.99 $44.99
UiiSii T6 Deep Bass Dual Driver Bulk China Headphones Manufacturers
Description: Designed for aural connoisseurs who demand absolute clarity in music reproduction, double moving coil earphone take you "four speakers sound"!With two powerful dynamic drivers bring double sound effects at same time.Listen to the treble and bass at the same time, no longer miss the wonderful music moment.The bass is full,...
$41.99 $29.99
UiiSii T6J Dual Dynamic Drivers Earbud OEM/ODM Earphones Manufacturers
Description: Uiisii T6J Dual Dynamic Drivers Cost-Effective in-ear headphones, deliver a clean natural well-balanced sound, the bass is full, the mids are articulate, the highs are penetrating, and the sound range is wide. Hi-Resolution Audio Certified for frequency response up to 40kHz, fully reproducing the audio and also giving you natural...
UiiSii T8 In-ear Stereo Dual Dynamic Drivers Headphones Wholesale
Description: Uiisii T8 headphones have two dynamic drivers, the dual drivers genuinely offer super deep, immersive and punchy bass that you can really feel, the mids and highs are crystal clear and sharp without the need to crank up the volume. Hi-Resolution Audio Certified for frequency response up to 40kHz, fully...
$44.99 $0.00
UiiSii I8 MFI Certified Lightning Earphone Wholesale
Features: Ergonomic designed: UiiSii I8 earphones are ergonomically designed to perfectly meet your ear shape, give a secure fit for the purest sound and maximum isolation from external noise. Intuitive Control: An in-line controller for volume adjustment, music operation and communication support. Advanced Knowles silicon chip microphone, designed for high sensitivity and...
UiiSii CM5 Double Axis Graphene In-ear Headphone Bulk Order
Description UiiSii CM5 Sports Headphones is adopted the double diaphragm, which namely is the one mid-deep range dual diaphragm, brings deep bass and delivers ultra clear sound for high-frequency part of music, ergonomic design, different sizes for girls and boys, a trending choice for the live show.   Main Features: ●Cavity...
Uiisii K8 Hybrid Gaming Earphone with Dual Mic China Headphones Bulk
SPEC Model: UiiSii K8 Style: Ear Hook Style: In-ear Communication: Wired Connectors: 3.5mm Line Length: 1.2m Vocalism Principle: Hybrid technology Frequency Response Range: 20-40000Hz Sensitivity: 104±3dB Resistance: 16Ω The horn outer diameter: 10mm   DOWNLOADS Hi-Res Certificate                        Manual
UiiSii HM9 Wired 120° Design Bass In-Ear Earphone Bulk Order
DESCRIPTION Fashion Earphone with flat ear design, it is not discomforting even if a long time to wear, good sound insulation effect as well. Three frequency keep balance, clear high pitch, wide voice, thick and powerful bass. Wire-controlled tuning design, listen to music while making a call. To pursuit the...
UiiSii HM12 Wired Half In-Ear Deep Bass Music Earphones Factory Direct
DESCRIPTION The UiiSii HM12 Earphone is Half in-ear design, ergonomic, comfortable and stress-free. Dynamic 13.6mm speaker makes HD super-powerful bass sound effect. The high-sensitivity microphone enables you to receive sound perfectly and enjoys high-definition calls. video: MAIN FEATURES: Dynamic 13.6mm speaker makes HD super-powerful bass sound effect. Semi-in-ear headphones, ergonomic,...
UiiSii HM13 Piston In-Ear Heavy Bass Stereo Headphones Wholesale China
Description: The In-ear design UiiSii HM13 with luxury metal material shell well protects earphones and looks elegant and high-end, comfortable to wear, not easy to fall off.10mm Titanium film moving coil horn, strong bass, clear treble. Built-in integrated hands-free mic ensures high-sensitivity and clear phone calls.  video: MAIN FEATURES: 10mm...
UiiSii C100 Cute In-ear Earphone with MIC Headphone Factory Direct
DESCRIPTION The C100 features a unique little cute gnome design, stylish and stylish, and comfortable to wear.10mm high quality moving coil unit, which provides excellent bass and natural sound effect. Built-in Microphone and In-line control, perfect for you to make hands-free calls and music playing. video: MAIN FEATURES: Unique Little...
UiiSii C200 In-Ear Stereo HIFI Music Headphone with Mic Factory Direct
DESCRIPTION The inspiration of UiiSii C200 is from the bird, with the exquisite appearance. Lightweight and exquisite arc design, comfortable wearing and not easy to fall.10mm high quality moving coil unit, which provides the excellent bass dive ability and the real and natural sound quality. Built-in microphone and multifunction control-HD...
from $6.68
UiiSii GT900 Wired Metal Stereo OEM/ODM Headphone Bulk Order
Description The UiiSii GT900 has 12mm Dynamic Drivers. This provides a high-frequency range, for very deep displays, well balanced middle and high displays so that you can distinguish each instrument perfectly from each other. Enable the excellent bass diving ability.The large drivers also ensure that the sound is not distorted...
UIISII U1 In-ear Wired Heavy Bass Earphones Bulk Order
Description You can wear it with ear-fitting or ear-hanging ways, according to your needs. 13.5mm high-performance dynamic driver units with dual articulation omentums deliver powerful bass and shocking listening feeling. video: Main Features: ● Built-in HD microphone, chat with friends or families smooth and freely● On-cord controller, handy to adjust...
UiiSii U6 In-Ear Stereo Deep Bass Earphones Bulk Order
DESCRIPTION UiiSii U6 In-ear Deep Bass Earbuds Dynamic Driver Surround Deep Bass Earphone, Apple-like design, lightweight and compact, Powerful Bass, Environmental TPE Cable, Full Compatibility, Comfortable fit. option in three colors. Powerful bass with a 14mm dynamic driver, dual articulation omentums deliver powerful bass and shocking listening feeling. MAIN FEATURES:...
UiiSii U7 Moving Coil In Ear HiFi Bass Earphones Wholesale
DESCRIPTION The UIISII U7 earbuds follow the most fashion style, give you the unique look, bring you into the music world. With the best-imported material and high elastic diaphragm, you could enjoy the high-quality stereo bass sound. Tuning design with a cable control, listen to music while making a call....
UiiSii U8 Deep Bass Dynamic Driver In-ear Earbuds OEM/ODM Manufacturer
DESCRIPTION Uiisii Faux leather design U8 dynamic driver surround deep bass In-ear earphones. It is equipped with 10MM metal composite diaphragm to highly resolved music details so that it enables to transmit of warmer and more mellow midrange and powerful bass. It adopts obliquely in-ear design that accord with human...
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