Blog Unboxing Uiisii TWS808 Earbuds"UiiSii TWS808 are excellent earbuds." editor said: he is very excited about UiiSii TWS808 earbuds because they have many features, such as nice design, dual dynamic drivers, USB Type-C charging port, IPX5 waterproof, and others.

You know, the design is one of the main factors in choosing new earbuds. UiiSii TWS808 looks very interesting. The earbuds are made of plastic, but they have a metal looking finish.

The earbuds have touch control. There is even a sticker on them, which shows the location and size of the touch button.

You will be using the earbuds for at least a few hours a day, so they should be comfortable. The TWS808 developed a triplepoint design for a perfect fit. However, you should choose the right size of ear tips.

The last, but the main feature of these earbuds, is dual dynamic drivers. The size of the driver is not very large – 6mm, but the sound quality is very good.


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