Welfare! Miss Beanie Headset Is Here ~

I must say that modern society is increasingly demanding women, not only to work, write code, cook, do housework, but also educate children and so on. Hurrying every day, exhausted from slavery, staying up late to work overtime ... It is easy to forget that, in fact, she is also a girl who needs care.

At this point, you need something comfortable and soothing to relax yourself. Music is the best flavoring agent. With headphones, beautiful music slowly flows into your ears, letting you say goodbye to work, family and children.

Of course, to enjoy quality music, you need quality listening equipment. Miss Bean series headphones are specially designed according to the size of the female ear canal, comfortable to wear for a long time. Most headphones on the market tend to have a generic neutral design, but in fact, there are many differences in the size of the ear canal between men and women, and most women have smaller earholes than men. And this make most girls who have small ear canal to buy a suitable in-ear headphones became a difficult . Besides wearing a inappropriate headphones for a long time may cause ears pain and bad for the earphones sound quality.

Miss Bean also made adjustments in the tuning mode. Since the number of outer hair cells of female cochlea is higher than that of male, the sensitivity to sound is also higher than that of male, and the softer music such as human voice is more favorable, so the requirements for high frequency are relatively higher.

The 334 tuning mode designed for women, where the first "3" represents low frequency, the second "3" represents intermediate frequency, and the last "4" represents high frequency. The specially adjusted high frequency makes women not only hear tri-band balanced music when listening to songs, but the listening experience of high-frequency music is more comfortable than ordinary headphones, creating an exclusive female listening sense.

There are also various delicate little girl elements. The little pink fairy is a girl's heartbreak. The pink box with a bow element is full of girlish flavor, it is really amazing ~

Open the box and put the pink headphones in the black internal stand. I thought it was a necklace instead of a headset. Its small earplugs are like pink pearls, elegant and beautiful. At the same time, it is also equipped with two pairs of silicone earmuffs, charging cable and instructions.

The intimate magnetic design allows both earbuds to be directly connected to the chest when not listening to songs, which is convenient for storage and does not need to be removed from the bag back and forth. Pink is like a girl with a pink necklace around her neck.

Miss Bean headphones are not just headphones, but your fashion accessory.

Miss Bean is a headset designed for women. From the box, appearance, sound quality and wearing experience, it contains the heart of a lively girl. Its overall performance is very good. The delicate voice is deeply rooted in the hearts of every girl.

In the comfortable afternoon, have a drink, read a book, a soft cat, and then play soothing and comfortable songs in your headphones.

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