UiiSii 2019 Hong Kong Asia world-expo

The world's largest electronics purchasing event, the Global Resources Electronics Show, ended at Asia world-expo in Hong Kong on October 21st.

The biggest highlight of this year's exhibition is the the largest audio products pavilion in Asia, which was launched by"Consumer Electronics Show" and "Mobile Electronics Show" jointly. There were "true wireless audio products exhibition area" and "party audio area", with more than 1,100 booths.

The latest audio technology and other innovative audio products, including headphones, bluetooth speakers, professional audio products, home audio systems, wires and accessories, can be seen here.

As a regular exhibitor of the Hong Kong global resources electronics fair, UiiSii headset and its series of new products were invited to be exhibited in two consecutive exhibitions, so that users around the world could hear a different good voice.

 Users in the field to listen, experience UiiSii headphones.

In attracting many visitors to the exhibition to experience and know more about UIISII, at the same time, UIISII won the "Golden Ear Award" during the exhibition.

 What is Golden Ear certification?

The evaluation of Golden Ear certification includes two parts: objective test and subjective evaluation. The objective detection mainly involves the total harmonic distortion plus noise, noise level, rated sound frequency response range, amplitude and frequency response difference and other specific indicators. The subjective evaluation is mainly from the high frequency, medium frequency, low frequency, tri-frequency balance, sound field, separation degree and other directions.

The momentum of TWS bluetooth headsets is still hot this year, a number of TWS headsets owned by UIISII have appeared in this Hong Kong exhibition. Among them, UiiSii TWS60 true wireless earphones have finally been certified the Golden Ear certification after a highly professional evaluation, which is the recognition of the best quality of the earphones.

In addition to the TWS earphones, UiiSii’s another heavy drama this year is the female earphones-BN18, which pays equal attention to both appearance and sound quality, was also introduced in the previous article. BN18 has not only super high appearance level, but also high quality sound quality, which wins super welcome among users.

Two other true wireless headphones are also certified of Golden Ear certification.

UIISII has been paying attention to the quality of products and regarding the user experience as a priority. We constantly optimize and upgrade products, to create the significantly high-quality products with amazing look and excellent quality.

The new products exhibited in the exhibition will be introduced to you one by one later. Let's look forward to them together.


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